Fractional ownership is essentially partial ownership of a property. With fractional ownership, a property is owned and shared by at least two, and often several, individuals. This type of ownership is popular corporate  jet airplanes and now high end RACE CARS

To understand fractional ownership, consider a large, and expensive, Jet or Race Car that may be difficult to purchase and care for on your own. Instead of becoming the sole owner of the property, you purchase a share of it, as do 2 other people. Now, you own 1/3 of the property and have others to share in the burden of maintenance and prep. Though this option is popular with Private jets, it may now be used with smaller, lower cost Race Cars as well.

Often, people confuse fractional ownership with timeshares. Both fractional ownership and timeshare situations are common with vacation and resort-type properties. With a timeshare, however, you would purchase a specific amount of time to spend at the property, such as 3 weeks out of every year. You would not actually own any portion of the property. With fractional ownership, you would actually own the portion of the property you purchase.

When you opt for fractional ownership in a race car, there will be sharing involved. For example, if you purchase a share in a property with three other fractional owners, you may race together at an Endurance Event .

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