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Nov 2008
Remembering the Veterans

FFR customer honors the troops. MORE>

Remembering the Veterans

FFR customer honors the troops

Life, liberty and the Pursuit of happiness is one of the most famous phrases in the Declaration of Independence signed in 1776 by our countries four fathers and these rights have not been dishonored in over 200 years because of the people who protect and serve our country. 


On Veterans Day it is important to honor those who fought for our rights and independence.  They are a true inspiration and we are forever in debt for their selflessness in fighting for our country.  


Factory Five customer, Brion Gluck, built a real American GTM Supercar that was a testament that our country does not lack patriotism.  His GTM is a tribute to the US troops that have unselfishly given up their freedom to fight for ours.   


Factory Five would like to honor and thank all of the veterans that served our country and all of the troops that are currently in the service fighting to keep this country the greatest place in the world.
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